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14 January 2012 @ 01:03 am
The Mrmpfle Legacy: Chapter 4.04  

warnings: language

I'm going to start this update with a friendly visit from everybody's favourite ghost, Gage!

Gage: I like this new house. The water slide is fun.

Fluffy is having a little fun of his own. He spends most his nights skilling his little heart out, so today he gets to have some fun.

Teacup wasn't having so much fun. Despite being the cutest toddler in existence, she someone gets neglected a lot.

Don't worry though, Mummy to the rescue!

Panda: Hi my little Teacup, what's the matter baby?

Panda: Uh oh! Agent Ticklesworth is coming to get you!

Let's be honest, we'd all feel a lot better after a little love and attention from Panda.

For some reason, I am quite taken with Wiggles. He just makes me laugh.

Wiggles: Hi ho cheerio! Of we go to the barnio!

It's not a real Mrmpfle update without a bit of Badger spam.

Teacup: Watch it Mr. Puzzles! If you don't tell me where the turtle hid the goods I'll cutcha!

Turtle: *gulp*

Teacup: I'm kidding Mr. Puzzles. I love you.

Freckles continues to be my favourite sim by hating on the vampire gnomes.

Okay, so she was actually reacting negatively to Cannon because she smelled horribly, but still.

Freckles: Coochie coochie coo widdle Cannon! Who's a good wittle horsey? You are! Yes you are!

For as much as she likes to brag about her grandkids, she rarely talked like this with them.

Cannon was feeling pretty lonely so Fluffy can't come out and see her during the day, so Freckles gave her some much needed TLC.

Meanwhile, Panda was just getting off work and being stalked by some random co-worker.

Random Co-Worker: I love her so much.

Panda: Man! Kicking ass and taking names is so much effort! Got promoted today and I'm braving the sun. I'm so awesome it hurts me.

Across town Cinnamon and Snuggle were just finishing up a field trip and the police station.

Cinnamon: I was really surprised when they showed us all those grisly crime scene photos.

Snuggle: Me too, I would have thought that wasn't allowed.

I know toddlers put everything in their mouths, but is there a reason that the TS3 toddlers are so homicidal when it comes to their toys? Honestly. I've never seen anyone try to mimic decapitation as much as these damn toddlers.

I was getting a little tired of Claude's old look so I gave her a makeover. I like to believe she secretly likes kitty Christmas sweaters.

Claude: Don't tell anyone...but I really, really do.

I've forgotten the name of Snuggle's IF but I think she's jealous of Badger.

IF: Hey, hey, Snuggle, hey, hey! Look at me! Hey! Just strolling on by. No big deal. Snuggle! Look!

Cinnamon is having herself the best time every just playing in the sand. This is why I love this girl.

IF: *sniffle* No big deal. It's cool that you're ignoring me. It's not like you're the only person I can talk to. I have an imaginary friend to. *whispers* He doesn't like me either.


Claude: Here baby. Here's your damn food. You know, I've done my time in toddler hell, where the fuck are your parents anyway? You have three of them!

Panda and Pebble were probably doing something super important but Kaleo was just slacking off reading a book in his bunk bed.

Kaleo: Are you fucking kidding me? I've gone into labour! WHY IS EVERYONE SO HORRIBLE TO ME?!

Pebble: Omg Kaleo! I was napping! Don't you know how important my beauty sleep is? HOLY SHIT YOU'RE HAVING A BABY!

Okay so Pebble wasn't doing anything important. My bad.

Fluffy: I think those girlish screams of agony coming from your bedroom is Kaleo giving birth. Shouldn't you go check up on that?

Panda: Meh. I'm busy eating.

Fluffy: Cool. So how was work?

So it's another girl and hopefully the last baby of generation 5. We'll have to see if I'm lucky.

Kaleo: You mean if I'm lucky.

Anna: SHUT UP BABY MACHINE! *cracks whip*


Freckles: SUCCESS!

Yea, Freckles finally got promoted to Rock God or whatever it is. I'm pretty pumped about it.


Everybody meet Cake. The newest Mrmpfle child. She's pretty cute. Although that hair makes it look like she has two, weird bald patches. Whatevers. Haters gonna hate.

Since Pebble was so uncaring about her birth, he gets roped into skilling time.

He's not so pleased about it.

Pebble: Does she really have to eat now? I mean come on! She's so demanding!

Snuggle wanted someone to read him a bed time story, so Fluffy volunteered. Of course, for whatever reason, he chose his parents bed as the best place for this to go down.

And of course his IF was once again forgotten and desperate to be involved. He's like the new Kaleo.

Somehow, reading his grandson to sleep made Fluffy feel frisky.

Claude reciprocated.

Claude: Let's go defile that shower in their bathroom, what do you say baby?

Fluffy: You are the sexiest thing ever.

Cake: Am I supposed to eat this shit? No. Seriously. What the fuck is this?

Cake: Hmmm.

Cake: You know what? It's actually not that bad.

Snuggle and Panda are still inseparably close. It's pretty awesome and adorable.

Panda: You know who is a total loser? Your daddy Kay.

Snuggle: *gigglesnort* Omigosh I know right?

That's just not fair. That is just NOT fair. Poor Kay.

Snuggle: His face is always like this! Heeeerrrrrrpy herp!

Panda: I think it's more like this! Deeerrrrrpy doo!

Now they're just being cruel.

For some reason, Cake does not like Fluffy.

Fluffy: Omg! How do I turn it off!

Callie: Hi Cinnamon. I guess. Whatever.

Cinnamon: Why are you here? You don't even like me.

Callie: My dads said I had to come cause it's like your birthday or whatever. So yea. I'm here. Happy birthday.

Oh yea, did I not mention? Cinnamon is aging up today!

Claude: Haha! You're getting old.

She doesn't realize that her laughing at every birthday is getting pretty old too.

Wiggles is psyched. Obvo.

Kaleo is having a sappy father moment.

Kaleo: My baby girl is growing up! Forgive me for shedding a tear or two.

Kaleo: She's just going to be so moody now. It's terribly depressing for me.

It's not a sim birthday without demon faces. Clearly.

Claude: I'm so old! My grandbaby is a teenager! *sob*

I think Cinnamon turned out well. I love her cute ears. *squish*

She had to go and ruin it by almost peeing everywhere. Of course.

Random Kid: Holy hell Batman! That was close!

After all the birthday excitement, Snuggle head out to the pet store to buy a new dog for the family. Apparently, that is not what the pet store is for. Who knew?

They still got a new dog though. Her name is mouse and she's a cutie.

Badger is skeptical about the newcomer. He's supposed to be the cutest animal in the house, but he's not so sure that'll be the case anymore.


Teacup: Gramma, it's scary up here!

Freckles: You think that's scary? You better watch out for the CLAW! RAAAAWWWRRR!

Teacup: Oh no! TODAY IS THE DAY I DIE!

Freckles: I'm just kidding baby. It's just the tickle monster!

And now my heart has exploded from the cute. Apologies. I am dead.


They've now begun to attack the children's room.

Pebble's tip for wooing your spouse.

Give them flowers in the bathroom. Nothing works better.

Snuggle was the one who wanted to new dog, so he jumped straight into playing with Mouse. She's so damn cute. I heart her.

Badger: I can be cute too. Look at me! Being cute!

It's official. She hates him.

Fluffy: Going to my happy place, going to my happy place.

In case you were doubting the "Flowers in the Bathroom" tactic.

It totally works. Brother gonna get him some.

Kaleo: I don't know about this, it looks kinda itchy.

Pebble: Don't be such a pansy and get that sweet ass in here mmkay?

Kaleo: Oh, I hope I don't get a rash from all this hay.

Fluffy: Alright demon spawn, let's do this, you come walk to me.

Fluffy: Aha! Big mistake on your part child. Big mistake.

Cake: Haha! Grampa, you so funny!

Fluffy: ...Damn you for being so cute.

Badger: Listen up little missy! I'm the cute loveable dog around here mmkay?

Mouse: Let's be friends!

Badger agreed, reluctantly.

Snuggle played a prank on Cinnamon and dyed her hair...

Slightly more pink than it was when she was born? I can see why this is horrifying her so much. Clearly this is a travesty.

Kaleo: Birthday time yet again. *sigh* They grow up so fast.

Except not this one. This birthday was hell on legs.

Kaleo: Tell me about it. She just won't grow up and won't stop screaming.

Finally we have some success! If you can call it that. *shudders at strange demon thing*

But with a makeover Teacup proves to be an even more adorable child than she was toddler.

And that is where I shall leave you. I apologize for the delay, but..well, you know. Also, I think I need to announce a bit of a hiatus. Due to my dad's condition, I'm going to visit him at the end of this month and am also getting a new puppy with my husband next week so things are gonna be wild around here. I promise I will make it up to you with puppy pictures. Promise.
simmply_annasimmply_anna on February 6th, 2012 07:10 pm (UTC)
Computer drama is pretty much the worst thing ever. I had the same problem like a month ago and it was hell.

<3 eeeee Teacup stole my heart too. She's just so cute and sweet!

And thank you, he's actually doing much better now. He still needs one more chest x-ray but things are really looking up which is a huge weight off my shoulders. :)