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04 August 2012 @ 04:55 pm
The Mrmpfle Legacy: Chapter 4.05  

warnings: language

Since Panda is no longer a vampire she's finally having her adult birthday. Only a few weeks behind her twin.

Snuggle and Kaleo were the only two to show up but I can't really blame them. This is the least exciting birthday transition.

Et voila! Nothing has changed!

Panda: It feels like something has changed! My beautiful face is less beautiful!

Cake and Teacup had already struggled over the dominoes board and now it was Fluffy and Freckles' turn.

Freckles: Seriously, this game is bullshit. WHAT DO THESE TILES EVEN MEAN?!

Pebble: Huurrk! What? What is that thing?

Pebble: Must. Catch. Floating bar. Gauage. Mocking. Me. Hrrrnng!

Well. Pebble is officially going to spend the rest of his morning chasing the skill gauge so let's go inside and see what someone...anyone..else is doing.

Cinnamon: What do you mean I need to lay off her hmm? Has Cake been complaining about me?

Snuggle: I don't really want to get involved in this. I just heard from Teacup that Cake is really hurt by all the pranks you've been playing on her and she wants you to stop.

While Snuggle was doling out some friendly sibling advice to Cinnamon, Fluffy was being a giant child.

Fluffy: Dragons successfully slain. Badass rep still intact.

Fluffy may have been busy slaying dragons and fighting bad guys but he's still a vampire with superhuman hearing.

Fluffy: What's this I hear about you harassing your sister?

Cinnamon: Omg Grandpa! Cake is just being a whiny little brat. I didn't even do that much to her!

Fluffy: Cinnamon! Sisters shouldn't be dicks to each other. I'm really disappointed in you. I want you to help your father around the house and make up for your attitude.

Fluffy in the big boy pants? I don't know how I feel about this.

Cinnamon doesn't know how she feels about it either, but she does know she is pissed that she's getting into so much trouble all over a stupid prank.

It might make her feel better to know that Claude is currently yelling at Cake.

Claude: We do not tattle in this house missy! I don't care what Cinnamon did to you! You need to grow up and grow a pair. I don't want to hear this whiny bullshit anymore!

Cake: But Grandma, I don't even..what are you talking about? I just said I want her to leave me alone and that no one is nice to me.

Claude: See! This! This is more whiny bullshit! This is why no one likes you! You take too much after your father.

Cake: Which father do you mean?

Claude: Which one do you think? Now get ready for school and clean up this room. One more thing. If you want people to stop treating like you crap, then don't let them.

I'm beginning to think Claude just likes yelling at people now.



Boop is supposed to be the insane one in this scenario but I'm beginning to wonder about her. She never even leaves the house.

Pebble on the other hand is always leaving the house now that he can go out during the day. He wants to make friends and money from playing piano - which he is awesome at btw - so he goes to the park every day.

He also got a more mature look because I don't care if he is having a mid life crisis I don't want him to look like a douchebag.

This serves no purpose other than to remind you that I love her face. That is all.

Nothing really exciting happened all day but when the girls got back from school all shit hit the fan.

Cinnamon: You've been spreading lies about me to this family about how I'm a bully and I'm mean to you and Grandpa Fluffy bitched me out about it this morning. He said he was disappointed in me!

Cake: I'm sorry Cinnamon I shouldn't have said anything to anyone okay? Can we just forget it? If it makes you feel any better Grandma Claude yelled at me today.

Teacup: There, look, problem solved. You both got yelled at, now you can forgive each other and move on?

Cinnamon: Stay out of this Mousy, this is partially your fault! You're the one who blabbed to Snuggle.

Teacup: Okay, I just tried to help and got yelled at so I'm out. Have fun.

Cake: OMG! You are such a bully! What is wrong with you lately?! God! Teacup didn't do anything and she's like the nicest person in this stupid family!

Cinnamon: I don't really give a fuck okay! You think your life is so hard because Mum and Daddy and Poppa didn't pay enough attention to you! Oh boo hoo! Moop no one likes me and I'm just going to play with my chemicals alone all night and cry myself to sleep waaahh!

Cake: OMG I HATE YOU SO MUCH! I don't even care what your problem is anymore. As far as I'm concerned, we're enemies now!

Cinnamon: Good! I'm glad!

Boop: I'm not sure if I chose a really good time or a really bad time to come home but this shizznit just got uncomfortable.

The girls are being melodramatic and weird and Fluffy is way more fun.

Fluffy: Hehehehe.

I totally forgot about blowing stuff up and how much fun it is!



Fluffy: This pleases me.

Boop is being awesome and playing with the one pet who is highly neglected.

And highly adorable! *squishes face*

Actually everyone is playing with pets right now because I love it and it's cute and I am a slave to cute! I worship at the altar of adorable.

But we need to interrupt cute for a birthday.


Cake: What the fuck is this noise.

I genuinely love how concerned they always look when it gets started. It's like they can sense the bad haircut and outfit combo coming up.

Cinnamon: What the fuck?


The rest of the family missed the birthday festivities because they were avoiding the crazy girls having a family dinner outside in the dark.

Snuggle: Ahoy there matey! I think I can spot a crazy free zone!

No I don't think so Snuggle, Claude just showed up and Boop is sitting down sipping away at some plasma there. I think you'll be hard pressed to find crazy free in this household.

Anyway, this is Cinnamon after she's all growed up and cleaned up. I just want to squee over Traelia's hats and aWT's hat slider and AH ISN'T IT SO COOL?!

So during the birthday this guy showed up to take Cannon away because we put him up for adoption and I missed it! Then I may have cried a little because I didn't get to say goodbye to her and now I really regret giving her away. :'(

Cute Kitten break <3

This picture also has no real meaning, I just love her facial expressions.

However it reminded me that Panda and Pebble hadn't had as much time for each other because I'd totally been keeping them apart because they had other shit to do of work and whatnot so I finally fulfilled some relationship related wants for them.

Panda: Pssst, Pebble. Have you seen Kaleo's work outfit? Doesn't he look like some kind 70s rapist?

Pebble: Hahaha! Omg, it will never get old making fun of him. Although, we've kind of been ignoring him too.

Panda: Yeeaaa....way to make me feel bad bro.

Panda: I know exactly how we can make it up to him!

Impromptu adult vacation! I don't know how they think this will do anything to help their relationship with Kaleo but I don't think it's going to do much for the house. Snuggle, Teacup, Cake and Boop left alone? This is gonna end badly. Mostly I'm just afraid that Cake or Boop will set it on fire.

Alright though. That is all I've got for now. I hope you enjoyed it and that it didn't suck too much and thank you for reading! Seriously! You are all amazing.
Jessicajossoco on August 4th, 2012 10:09 pm (UTC)
Oh man, welcome back to lj first of all! It's been a while since i've seen these guys here. All of these girls are so hormones though, geesh. I feel bad for the guys. (Except Kaleo WHO WASN'T IN THIS UPDATE AND I LOLD AT IT)
simmply_annasimmply_anna on August 4th, 2012 10:28 pm (UTC)
Aww thanks! I've been meaning to get back in to LJ and update here properly. I don't know. It just seems something something *mumble* Awkward!

I know! I was almost done typing it up and I was like "Omg, Kaleo is in literally ONE picture! I fail at life." LOL
emmysuhemmysuh on August 5th, 2012 01:03 am (UTC)
Teacup is so beautiful and precious.
simmply_annasimmply_anna on August 5th, 2012 01:11 am (UTC)
Aww thank you! I totally agree! I can't wait to see what she's like as an adult. Hopefully still as adorable and sweet.
Ningcollidingwithme on August 5th, 2012 04:48 am (UTC)
I totally LOLed when Cake replied Claude with "Which father do you mean?" XD Oh man. And Cinnamon is soooooo mean! D: I do love her ears though. :P And *gasp* I never noticed that Cake had a birthmark on her face! :O

Fluffy is still awesome at being Fluffy, while I still don't like Claude, heh.

Why would you give the horsie away though? (Nooooo! I haven't seen enough of her yet!)
negomimogen on August 5th, 2012 08:39 am (UTC)

I AM EXCITE. I love Teacup, ugh she's adorable. And I have a soft spot for Cake, bless her, but Cinnamon needs to calm down. Jeez, send her to the spa or something. It'll do her good x)

Pebble and Panda are still hot, I see. Do you know when you'd have any of them for download? I just love Mrmpfles.